Sometime Ministry accomplice Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory is a special guest star as a nightmarish clow on Ministry’s latest video for “Wargasm.” Burton provides the song’s spoken word parts, which appears on Ministry’s new record AmeriKKKant. “This album, AmeriKKKant,” said Al Jourgensen, “will provide FEMA-type relief for the devastation ‘Hurricane Cheeto’ has brought upon us.”

The album was produced by Al Jourgensen himself and recorded at Caribou Studios in Burbank, California between January and May of this year. The striking album artwork was created by Mister Sam Shearon. AmeriKKKant, as the title indicates, is a very politically influenced, and in your face record, with the nine tracks on the record routed in Jourgensen’s anger for the state of America today. This is the most ferocious Ministry album in years.

AmeriKKKant Track Listing:

1. I Know Words
2. Twilight Zone
3. Victims of a Clown
4. TV5/4Chan
5. We’re Tired of It
6. Wargasm
7. Antifa
8. Game Over
9. AmeriKKKa