From Rio de Janeiro, Fleeting Circus creates a sound that is echoed by the meaning of its name. Influenced by classic rock and modern bands like Led Zeppelin and Muse, Fleeting Circus tries to create a unique sound for the twenty-first century. The band has a new EP out called Dream World of Magic which has two songs that made history in the first edition of the Yamaha Brazilian Beat Festival, “Fake Station” and “Underground.”

For their latest video Radical Dads teamed up with Paola Suhonen, founder of Finnish fashion label Ivana Helsinki, to create a resolutely analog and vintage-inspired film for the Mega Rama track “Hurricane.” Radical Dads and Suhonen have never met, but the designer says they “share common aesthetics,” which is “even more important than the need to meet in person.” Check out the video HERE.

The Blind Shake are trio of detuned, garage-stomp, noisy punk rock music makers from Minneapolis, MN. Known for their ferocious live shows and home recorded albums. Two brothers, Mike and Jim Blaha, front the band and play baritone and regular guitar respectively. Longtime chum Dave Roper plays drums. The Blind Shake have toured North America’s basements and bars for several years and are ready to release their latest opus, ‘Seriousness,’ this Summer on Learning Curve.