The Blind Shake are trio of detuned, garage-stomp, noisy punk rock music makers from Minneapolis, MN. Known for their ferocious live shows and home recorded albums. Two brothers, Mike and Jim Blaha, front the band and play baritone and regular guitar respectively. Longtime chum Dave Roper plays drums. The Blind Shake have toured North America’s basements and bars for several years and are ready to release their latest opus, ‘Seriousness,’ this Summer on Learning Curve.

‘Seriousness’ was recorded by Neil Weir at The Old Blackberry Way studio in Minneapolis, as well as by Mike Blaha in various locations (his basement, a practice space, and a hallway). The Old Blackberry Way studio is the new version of Blackberry Way, the same studio that has hosted many great Minneapolis recordings by The Replacements and Husker Du amongst others, and was also where the band recorded their collaborative release with 60’s noise legend Michael Yonkers in 2007 (the band has also just finished a new collaboration with Yonkers that is due out later this year… more details coming soon!). The band’s goal on ‘Seriousness’ was to keep things raw and simple, and track everything live to capture the energy of the band’s crushing performances. Check out the track “Hurricane” HERE.

‘Seriousness’ Track Listing:

01. Hurracan
02. Man Leaves House
03. Sold My Beatle A
04. They’re All Gone
05. Out Of Work
06. No Rags
07. Busy Body
08. Suicide Myself
09. I’m Not An Animal
10. Seriousness
11. O’rider
12. On Me
13. Hand Me Downs

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