Belfast’s Saint Sapphire have started a “Hurricane” with their brand new song, which you can check out below! The song title is a somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’ reference to the corruption and incompetence which has led Northern Ireland into their current political state of not having an effective governing body for almost a year and a half. The band’s songs consist of lots of anthemic choruses, along with aggression, anger and angst, expressing the frustration many are feeling in their homeland. All four band members hail from parts of Northern Ireland, including frontman, guitarist and primary songwriter Sam Morgan, drummer Adam Walker, lead guitarist Danny Martin and bassist Shea McAuley.

Regarding “Hurricane,” Sam Morgan commented, “It’s almost like a Jekyll and Hyde situation where you feel that ‘life is wonderful’ and then reality hits and you realize that (in Northern Ireland), corruption, incompetence and arguing over petty issues like ‘juggling on the lord’s day’ mean that we’ve had no effective government for 18 months and no sign of any improvement soon.”