Gore-grind is one hell of a sub-genre. If done wrong, you sound like some horrible Carcass cover band. Thankfully, General Surgery made sure they didn’t do it wrong on their new EP Like An Ever Flying Limb. Now they might not be my exact cup of tea… and severed limbs… (Exhumed would have to be my preference when it comes to gore), but I can definitely tell you that this 7″ release is crushing from the get-go.

Sweden’s macabre medical masters General Surgery have premiered the title track off of their upcoming 7″ release Like An Ever Flying Limb – listen below. The limited edition EP marks the band’s first new material since 2009 and contains 5 gut-splattering tracks of the band’s signature goregrind. The EP was recorded in October 2011 at Audiogrind Studio in the band’s hometown of Stockholm is set to be released via Relapse Records on November 6th. Pre-orders of the new EP are now available at this location and digitally here.

I had no idea what to expect when I sat down to listen to Hospital Carnage from the goregrind band, Haemorrhage. With a totally killer cover and fifteen witty, tongue-in-cheek song titles, I thought this might be something really cool. Man was I wrong! What I found was a CD that was muddy, overdriven and cacophonous; I really had a hard time listening all the way through.