Brooklyn based Hey Guy fronted by singer and songwriter, Russian born Boris Pelekh, a member of Nickelodeon’s “The Naked Brothers” show, is currently in the studio working on their latest record. The band’s sound is one seldom heard today: a modern rock act with catchy melodies and artistic sensibility that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Billog formed in the summer of 2002 in Bekescsaba, Hungary. In the summer of 2003 they played at some Hungarian festivals and at the end of the summer, they recorded their first full length Jelzesertek, at Song Song Studio, Bekescsaba. The CD was self-released and positive reviews. In 2004 there were some changes of members, but in the summer/autumn of 2005, a five-song EP was recorded. The EP is titled Szivszakadas, and 3 songs were recorded in English.

The self-titled, trashed-up, guitar-driven release from Heaven’s Basement is not the generic flavor of the month. Quite the contrary, this CD is chock full of bluesy, ballsy tunes that are extremely fun and enjoyable to listen. More often than not I find at least a couple of songs, where I hit skip, but there is no filler to be found here on this CD. As a mater of fact after a second listen through I could not find one song I liked above the rest; they are all great and beg to be played repeatedly. Each track is full of swagger and attitude and packed with sing along choruses and tons of unbelievable guitar work.

The Alternative rock scene is filled with cookie-cutter, dime-a-dozen bands that seem to be writing almost formulaic tunes; that is about to change. With the release of their six song debut EP, The Static Seas, Alt-Rockers Throwing Color are well on their way to proving that they can stand out in a genre that has become increasingly packed with watered down, ordinary, run of the mill acts.