Who likes metal? Who likes alcohol? If you said yes to both of these, then I have the perfect CD for you. Taking More Shots Than An Alcoholic is six shots of great metal. Hailing from Toronto, Deterrence released this EP to North America back in 2005. Now read on and learn how to down such crazy music.

Starting the album off is a breakdown that blasts through your ear drums. This is followed by some crazy technical riffs. For the most part this is the formula for the entire album, transitions between breakdowns and technical riffage with the odd section of clean guitaring. Overlaying all of this is constant screaming. There is little variation between songs but the formula works.

A couple of songs stood out for me. The song “Realize” includes a unique section where there’s a clean guitar part that Luc still screams over. Overall it works well and catches you off guard. To end such a great album is the song “Hold It Away”. This song is different from the other songs on this EP. It is melodic and features the vocals of Amanda O’byrne who sings side by side to Luc Spagnuolo. This song also features a majority of clean guitars throughout. All in all it would have to be my favourite song on this cd.

Deterrence has made a great first impression with Taking More Shots Than An Alcoholic. This release has sparked the future sound of the band and is a testimony to the evolution of their sound. Fans of Iwrestledabearonce, Psyopus, Breaking The Fourth Wall and The Binary Code will like this band.

Track Listing:

01. Rise
02. Broken Glass Figures
03. Realize
04. Jesus Christ Groupie
05. X
06. Hold It Away

Run Time: 22:35
Release Date: 11.01.2005

Check out the song: “X”