dinosaur jr.


One of the best performances of the day came from The Orwells, also on the Rise Stage. Mario Cuomo, his signature long blond hair now cut short and slicked back, along with his bandmates Dominic Corso, Grant Brinner, Henry Brinner and Matt O’Keefe owned this stage today, oozing their kinetic energy onto the crowd through every song they played.

“Watch The Corners,” the first single from Dinosaur Jr.’s upcoming album I Bet On Sky, premiered online today. The new single starts out with chugging riffs that ease into Mascis’ vocals, and properly closes with a shredding solo. Wedged in the middle of the tune is an atypical breakdown with a brief flash of acoustic guitar. “I always liked that since I was a kid, from like, Black Sabbath,” Mascis says. “Suddenly they go into acoustic, back into electric – I guess I’ve always been into that.”