Prolific Canadian pop-punk pioneers Gob are excited to announce that their sixth studio album, Apt. 13, will be released worldwide on August 26, 2014, on New Damage Records. Apt. 13, is the follow-up record to 2007’s Muertos Vivos and the band’s first full-length release in seven years. The album will be available for pre-order on all formats (Digital/CD/Vinyl) in June. A special digital deluxe edition of the album, which includes three additional new songs, will be available via iTunes. In anticipation of the new LP, the band has just leaked the lead single “Cold”.

On July 19th ‘Superfiction’, Cold’s newest album will be released. Cold’s follow up to ‘Year Of The Spider’, which went to #3 on The Billboard 200 chart and produced the hit “Stupid Girl,” takes the alluring darkness and elegantly heavy hard rock that made Cold a rock mainstay and combines it with intricate and vivid storytelling. The result is the introspective and inspirational ‘Superfiction’, which weaves together twelve tales of heroism, heartbreak, and healing.

Any band who signs a contract with a major record label only to have their disc sitting on a shelf for over a year is bound to feel like crap. Honestly, imagine how you would feel if you put your very heart and soul into your musical work and ended up watching it collect dust as corporate executives gave you the runaround. It’s highly likely that you’d be frustrated, disheartened, and just plain pissed off.