On July 19th ‘Superfiction’, Cold’s newest album will be released. Cold’s follow up to ‘Year Of The Spider’, which went to #3 on The Billboard 200 chart and produced the hit “Stupid Girl,” takes the alluring darkness and elegantly heavy hard rock that made Cold a rock mainstay and combines it with intricate and vivid storytelling. The result is the introspective and inspirational ‘Superfiction’, which weaves together twelve tales of heroism, heartbreak, and healing.

Building on the band’s affinity towards graphic artists, Cold enlisted Trevor Niemann of Visual Entropy to illustrate each “tale” on ‘Superfiction’. ‘Superfiction’ is an open book just waiting to be read. Listen to the new album HERE.

‘Superfiction’ Track Listing:

01. Wicked World
02. What Happens Now
03. American Dream
04. The Break
05. Welcome2MyWorld
06. Emily
07. Crossroads
08. Delivering the Saint
09. The Park
10. Flight of the Superstar
11. The Ballad of Nameless
12. So Long June

For more information, please visit: www.coldarmy.com.