Any band who signs a contract with a major record label only to have their disc sitting on a shelf for over a year is bound to feel like crap. Honestly, imagine how you would feel if you put your very heart and soul into your musical work and ended up watching it collect dust as corporate executives gave you the runaround. It’s highly likely that you’d be frustrated, disheartened, and just plain pissed off. Furthermore, these feelings would only be exacerbated if you have committed to being a rock star and were forced to continue working a 9-5 job all the while anticipating your career in music to explode.

On the other hand, despite being shunned (and the obvious frustrations that would be endured), the adage that good things come to those who wait, could in this specific case never have been truer. Crossfade, a musical quartet from North Carolina, has gone from playing local shows in small venues to extensive North American tours and gigs such as that of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Crossfade has been picking up tremendous steam recently and rightfully so, they are an impressive band whose sound is unique and exciting.

In spite of the band’s recent success, it wasn’t always talk shows and tours. In fact, much like other bands (and the proverbial notion of the struggling musician), Crossfade underwent a somewhat grueling trip in order to get where they are today. While aspiring to be successful musicians, in order to pay the bills, the group’s four members were all working day-jobs. Conversely, when not at work, the band was still working in the sense that they logged crazy hours developing their music. Whether it was local gigs, band practices, or recording their work, music was always the object of the band’s focus. In fact, apart from saving money and splurging on their own mini home recording studio, the band had even independently recorded and released their debut disc before ever signing a record contract.

Fortunately the band’s supreme talent and efforts have paid off and they are currently climbing the rock charts across North America. Although having signed a record deal with Columbia Records in the early part of 2003, it was not until very recently that Crossfade started to feel this jump in their career. As aforementioned, although signed to a huge label, the band’s contract came as somewhat of a mixed blessing. Although they now had a record deal and were sheltered by the reach of a label as reputable as Columbia, it still took over a year for their debut self-titled disc to be released. None the less, in April of 2004, the record was finally being sold at stores everywhere and ever since, the band has been fairing extremely well.

Crossfade is headed up by Ed Sloan (lead vocal, guitars) and altogether consists of four members. Mitch James (bass, backing vocals), Tony Byroads (vocals, turntables, and sampler), and James Branham (drums) are the other three artists who compose this excellent group. The musicians are all very talented and together they form a dynamic modern metal/rock sound which offers incredible vocals and downright appealing tunes. Crossfade’s sound is extremely fun and easy on the ear; it most likely will be enjoyed by a wide mix of rock fans. Be sure to check them out upon your next visit to a record store.

Check out the song: “Cold”


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