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You could say that Orange Goblin are something of a British heavy metal institution in so much as there won’t be a heavy metal fan on this fair isle who hasn’t seen, heard of, or is at least aware of this bunch of hairy reprobates. They’ve spent years sweating their collective bollocks off on the UK gig circuit and, with a raft of critically acclaimed albums under their belts, the ‘Goblin’ seem content spending their days stomping around the UK and Europe churning out solid, riff-filled albums like this one.

London, England-based heavy metal/hard rock quartet, Orange Goblin, are set to release their latest offering, Back From The Abyss, on October 7, 2014 via Candlelight Records. The 12-track recording is, per usual, an addictive and punishing affair that will leave the band’s fans hysterically happy. So as to promote said release, we got “Quick & Dirty” with lead singer Ben Ward.

It’s hard to believe what an outstanding year 2012 has been for heavy music. Literally every week I seem to get something that could be an album of the year contender. Baroness, Cattle Decapitation, Demon Lung, Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, Enslaved, Mortum and Testament have all presented phenomenal offerings. Now, yet another superior record has reared it’s head, this time in the form of A Frail Becoming by american band Daylight Dies.