Staggeringly better than the woefully bland Neighbourhoods, this tight EP gets Blink back to form quickly and is being hailed by some as a harbinger of the band’s bright future. Whether or not nineteen minutes of music can be said to indicate imminent amelioration is a bit questionable, but these five tracks definitely stand as the band’s best release since their eponymous album way back in 2003.

It looks as though Blink 182 still have that magic touch of success that made the band so massive during the early 2000s. Their comeback record Neighbourhoods has been a hit with fans and critics since its release at the end of September and really, it kind of feels like the band never went away for those few years in the mid-2000s. The second single off of Neighbourhoods, after the huge success of “Up All Night”, is “After Midnight.”

It seems like ‘90s bands just can’t resist getting back together these days. The latest in a long line of reunited groups is punk rock trio Blink 182; back after a few years apart when singer and guitarist Tom Delonge left the band in 2005 to form Angels & Airwaves. Blink has been touring off and on for the last couple of years and now are set to unleash their comeback record (and first in eight years), Neighbourhoods on September 27th.