If you’ve ever been to Warped Tour, you know what an eclectic group of musicians might await. However, twenty-five years ago, in 1995, Warped Tour kicked off with just 24 bands, the majority coming from the alternative rock genre. Starting in Boise, Idaho, the tour wrapped up almost two months later in Detroit.

Just one year later, in 1996, Vans became the big name sponsor and thus the name changed to the “Vans Warped Tour.” The genre likewise shifted to a more punk rock aesthetic with only a couple of extra bands added to the bill, including 311 and Beck.

Over the next handful of years, it morphed into the Warped Tour we all know and love. It became the place to see your favorite up-and-coming bands as well as discover new music as artists were given a platform to reach a greater audience.

As we all know, there are plenty of music festivals, but none quite like the Warped Tour. So, when it was announced that 2018 was the last year for the WT festival, a lot of us were collectively sadden, but also understood, that all good things must come to an end. And just when we didn’t know how we were going to fill the hole that was left by the absence of the tour, Kevin Lyman swooped in and saved us with 25th Anniversary shows.

Check out Nathan Katsiaficas’ full photo gallery from the Hartford, CT Warped stop on July 15, 2018.

June 29 & 30th will be the 2nd of these last 3 shows, taking place on the beaches of Atlantic City. 311, A Day to Remember, The Offspring, The Aquabats!, Blink 182, The Menzingers, Set Your Goals, Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line, and Valencia are just a few bands that will be in AC for the weekend!

Aside from the 50+ bands that will be taking the stage throughout the two days, there will be a skate ramp where you can watch skate demos from some of the top skaters, also freestyle motocross, a wrestling ring for the final Warped Smackdown, and David “The Bullet” Smith returns as the human cannonball for his first appearance since the 2000 Warped Tour, and a Warped Museum (curated by photographer Lisa Johnson) featuring art of and inspired by the tour of the last 25 years.

Warped Tour already took care of transportation for you too. They are utilizing a service called Rally to get to the show. You can find a pickup up point over at https://rally.co/warped-tour-atlantic-city – The locations go south to DC & Maryland, and north to Penn Station in NY and Paterson NJ with roughly 20 additional pickup locations. From Philadelphia rides run about $40 each way, which is about a 45-minute trip. Once you are as far away as DC, the price is $70 each way. Take a look and book, the sooner the better as prices increase May 15th.

For those of you that want to drive in, take a look here and pre-book your parking – I use services like this for work, and they are very handy. They get you the parking you want, at a price you can afford, and also allows you to compare prices to nearby parking lots and garages. Highly recommend doing this before you come!

Check out this Vans Warped Tour “Last Call” video.

If this is your first Warped Tour, let’s run down a few things! Also, because this is on the beaches of Atlantic City…

01. When to Show & Go
– Doors are at 12pm and the last band will play around 9:30-10pm – Set times are posted the day of.

02. Stay Hydrated
– They will have HYDRATION STATIONS available for you to fill your own container with filtered water. You’re allowed to bring in: a. One (1) EMPTY water bottle (up to TWO (2) liters in size) PER PATRON, b. One (1) FACTORY SEALED water bottle (up to ONE (1) liter in size) PER PATRON, c. Camelbacks (MUST BE EMPTY)

03. Getting Wet & Salty
– You can go swimming in the ocean at Warped Tour! Bring a towel; doors to the ocean from the venue will be open till roughly 7:30pm.

04. Skip the Line!
– Go to the Feed Our Children NOW! Tent located by the main entrance with ANY ONE of these in exchange for an express entry wristband: a. 3 Canned goods (no dented or expired cans), b. $5 donation, c. 1 used cell phone

If you’re lucky, you just might catch The Offspring ripping out some “Self Esteem.”

05. Weather is NOT a Factor
– Event is RAIN OR SHINE. Bring a poncho, sunscreen, hat, and hair tie, whatever you need to get by.

06. Got Needs? Bring ID!
– If you need to bring special foods or medication – Keep in mind you need an ID that matches your prescription bottle, and a doctors note for any special foods you might need.

07. Drinking = Identification
– If you are of age and want to drink: Bring your government identification!

As hard as it will be to say goodbye to the Warped Tour, at least we get one more summer of an epic lineup to do so. If you plan on going, hurry up and grab tickets while they last. 2-day general admission tickets are still available for Atlantic City.

You can head to www.vanswarpedtour.com to check out the full line up, tickets, find hotels, and more information about shuttles to the venues.