I have to admit this was the performance I most anticipated throughout the day and I wish I could have gone in with the crowd! Blessthefall performed a KILLER SET performing a vast number of songs from their latest album on top of playing a song from their (at the time) upcoming album (‘You wear a crown but you’re no king’), which was also their first single. It may have been pouring during their set but Beau got the crowd moving, and it’s safe to say that Blessthefall made sure no one cared about the cold rain!

Hollow Bodies is the fourth full-length release from the Arizona-based metal act Blessthefall. Opener “Exodus” sets things in motion and midway through the song it became quite clear that this album was going to be a monstrous slab of metal. The band’s unique way of blending post-hardcore and progressive metal with light electronica is adventurous and oftentimes surprising; rapid fire machine gun breakdowns give way to unexpected tempo changes, driving rhythms, and killer riffage that keep you guessing as to what comes next.