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Cradle P. Lavender Premieres His Bare-It-All New Single “Skin”

Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter Cradle P. Lavender has revealed his new single “Skin” from his debut full-length album ‘Adrift.’



Cradle P Lavender, photo by Jordan Taylor
Cradle P Lavender, photo by Jordan Taylor

There’s something so freeing about artists such as Cradle P. Lavender. The namesake of singer-songwriter Trent Houck, he is pleased to unveil his new single “Skin” today, off his debut full-length album Adrift. This is the first single from the album, set for release on June 21st. Lavender has that classic indie rock appeal, with a sound and spirit that could fit into any decade of rock. It doesn’t sound old, but it doesn’t sound current. It’s just straight-up, honest, singer-songwriter music that can speak to anyone at any age.

The Milwaukee-based artist is barely in his 20s, and he’s already carved out a nice little niche for himself within the indie community. Combining indie and lo-fi rock, his subdued vocals can’t help but conjure up lots of feelings and emotions. Which is perhaps the best sign of a great singer-songwriter.

“Skin” is a key track for Lavender, as it is indicative of his personal approach to songwriting. As he explains regarding the song:

“‘Skin’ is about trying to overcome my insecurities and shame surrounding my sexuality and gender expression. It is me telling myself that embracing those parts of myself will allow others to embrace them too.”

Despite just emerging really in the last 18 months, Lavender was a very productive songwriter through his high school years. It started with his debut EP, Sunburn, released in October 2022. Many of those songs were written during his first year of high school in 2019. Lavender carried that songwriting momentum into his sophomore year, which is when many of the songs on Adrift were written. It was a particularly vulnerable but productive time for him. As you may expect, it’s an intensely personal record exploring feelings of isolation, grief, anger, and uncertainty. In recording his songs, Lavender maintains a basic, stripped-back approach, which is his intention. This is the type of artist he is, not afraid to bare it all and express himself in a way that feels true to him.

Cradle P Lavender “Skin” single artwork, by Trent houck

Cradle P Lavender “Skin” single artwork, by Trent houck