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Beatox Premieres His Purposeful “Been a Long Time” Music Video

Chillhop specialist Beatox is premiering his brand new music video for the title track to his new album ‘Been a Long Time.’



Beatox, photo by Josh Kirschner
Beatox, photo by Josh Kirschner

Both as an artist and person, Beatox turned his negative upside down into the positive, and he’s been riding the wave ever since. The result is this new single, “Been a Long Time,” and accompanying animated music video. It’s the title track to his just announced new album, set for release on June 7th via Lovetown Records. The video is partly animated because Beatox wants to illustrate that he is more than just a plain old musician. He has an interest in merging music with other forms of technology, representing himself as more of a multimedia artist.

There’s an interesting backstory behind “Been a Long Time.” Beatox has used it to guide himself forward in a positive direction. While bogged down in the worst of the pandemic lockdown in the cold of his native Winnipeg, he felt cut off from the world. He tried to reconnect with old friends, but the pandemic posed challenges. He wanted to create something catchy and upbeat to counteract those negative feelings, and the video only emphasizes that sentiment more.

Explaining more, Beatox offers:

“The video is a depiction of my story over the most isolating of the pandemic years, being cooped up inside and reflecting on the things that made me happy. When live performances and in-person collaboration were taken away from me, it left me questioning my purpose in life and the role music plays in it. It was through music, meditation, and connecting again with people through Discord and Twitch that I began to feel hope and see a light at the end of the tunnel.

“The video ends with an optimistic view of the future, full of nature, travel, and live performance. That’s the journey of the album; showing the path to happiness and well-being for myself and trying to inspire others to do the same, no matter the challenges we face.”

It may seem like any other single, but “Been a Long Time” is a turning point for Beatox. It’s a culmination of years of him fine-tuning his skills and abilities as a songwriter and producer. Mood-based music is not easy to pull off, and it takes time to flesh out. He’s put in his time and now is becoming one of the marquee chillhop artists. His music has come a long way in the last few years, with the release of Musical Mind in 2020 and The Beatox Experiment in 2021. He uses technology to his creative advantage, forging partnerships with companies like Vochlea, a voice-to-live-MIDI controller for creating beats. He also actively uses AI to create visual animations. With the misfortune of the pandemic years behind him, Beatox is feeling revitalized.

Been a Long Time Track Listing:

1. Been a Long Time
2. Beep Beep
3. Learning How to Live
4. Never Hold Back feat. Adrienne and Rachel Kane
5. Dance feat. Apollo Suns
6. Help You Get By
7. Escape With You Tonight feat. Kehlsea
8. Wait Til the Sun Goes Down
9. Don’t Be Afraid
10. Inhale
11. C’est La Vie

Beatox “Been a Long Time” single artwork

Beatox “Been a Long Time” single artwork