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To The Tide Release ‘Reverie’ Album via Gravitas Recordings!

After two single releases, electronica group To The Tide will release their brand new album ‘Reverie’ via Gravitas Recordings on March 15th.



To The Tide
To The Tide

To The Tide’s Reverie album is coming to Gravitas Recordings on March 15th after two beautiful singles.

This immersive downtempo album brings out the beauty in electronic music; riding the line between downtempo, future garage, and world bass in a delicate way. Although his music is inspired by dance music, it’s not made for the club. To The Tide makes music to deeply connect with listeners, and hopes fans explore the world over the soundtrack of his music. There are many stories inside this journey, each song has many pieces that fit together like a puzzle with other ideas and ties and reflect on other songs throughout the listening experience.

To The Tide states:

“Music can take you on a journey without a single step. It can tell a story without a single word.”

Inspired by the sleep cycle, the flow of the album is somewhat symmetrical and truly immerses the listener into a whole new world. Many songs have counterparts directly across the album. Specifically, “Summer Night” and “Winter Light,” “Imagine Silence,” and “Beyond All Polarities,” as well as “Theta” and “Gamma.” These songs were written from the same project files, using shared sonic palettes, and in some cases, on the same day as their counterpart.

The first and last tracks are exceptions. Like falling asleep, the eponymous first track is progressive and delicate. At the other end of the album sits “Waking Up,” which begins with piano that would not be out of place in a lullaby, before exploding into the true pinnacle of the album. It’s intentionally jarring and the vocals repeat the phrase “waking up,” a fitting way to end an album about dreams.

Regarding the title track, To The Tide explains:

“‘Reverie’ was inspired by the various states of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep, especially those we enter when daydreaming, meditating, or musing. Whether you’re a musician, a surfer, or a dancer, we’re all familiar with the ‘flow state,’ and my hope is that this album will help the listener zone out and tap into this state.”

“Reverie” is the title track of the album and opens with an unreal nature soundscape, flute rhythms, and a distant four-on-the-floor kick pattern. A heavier bassline slowly filters in, and the track explodes into a fluttery synth and stripped-back house beat along with the original elements that remind us of the current stutter house wave with a unique touch. “Summer Night” brings in a two-step broken beat groove and emotive vocal chops, adding in more synths and building upon this contemplative emotion To The Tide has created. It transforms into a surreal half-time drop switch adding in live world bass influences.

“Rainy Day Daydream” begins with a very catchy retro-sounding synth melody, quickly bringing in massive 808s and a global bass drum pattern and world live instrumentation in the second drop. “Theta” opens with a hypnotic arpeggiating and echoing synth plucks that truly sound like something from another world, it immediately will be stuck in your head and the track builds off this simple sound. Bringing in a four-on-the-floor kick and a heavy repetitive bassline, this one truly puts the listener in a meditative state and could be on repeat forever.

“Imagine Silence” takes the meditative state from the previous track and adds more life to it with a more upbeat house beat and beautiful vocal chops. “Gamma” plays as the counterpart to “Theta” and opens with a variation of the same synth but adds in a short female vocal and a more driving synth throughout. “Beyond All Polarities” brings down the energy but keeps the four on the floor kick, building over a distant synth melody and epic violin strings. It cinematically builds into something much more, with a melting half-time second drop.

To The Tide ‘Reverie’ album artwork

To The Tide ‘Reverie’ album artwork

“Winter Light” opens with dreamy vocal chops, with distant percussion slowly filtering in with a stabby synth melody. It quickly drops into an immersive broken beat groove and heavy 808s while still holding the original beauty. It follows a similar pattern as other tracks off the album, with a half-time switch for the second drop. “Waking Up” ends the album perfectly with an absolutely epic build into a bass music drop with chopped melodies and vocals, creating a captivating stutter effect. An unreal journey from start to finish, this album is something else.

Music can take you on a journey without a single step. It can tell a story without a single word. This is exactly what Vancouver-based To the Tide hopes to do. Though his music is inspired by Dance music, it’s not made for the club; it’s made for wandering through the trees, feeling waves crash against your feet, or watching the sun touch the earth.

In July of 2021, To the Tide shared his first multi-song release, an EP entitled Reclamation. Despite being almost entirely instrumental, the EP tells a story of decay and rebirth and was written while watching nature footage. A short poem was included to accompany the EP, and each song was written to represent a line from it: “What started as small buds, In a time when all seemed sombre, Soon flourish into a forest where it once could grow no longer. But nothing can thrive forever. There will always be a plateau. Summer adjourns, and focus turns Toward the undergrowth.”