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Oliver Tree (w/ Fidlar, Josiah, Super Computer) at MGM Music Hall [Photos]

Had a blast covering Oliver Tree, Fidlar, Josiah, and Super Computer at MGM Music Hall at Fenway in Boston on January 19, 2024!



Oliver Tree on Jan 19, 2024, photo by Kenzie Magnan
Oliver Tree on Jan 19, 2024, photo by Kenzie Magnan

Seeing Oliver Tree will certainly not be your ordinary concert experience by any stretch of the imagination. From his varied opening acts to his lengthy introduction, this is a concert that allows you to let your freak flag fly.

The show started with the opener, Josiah, who at first you might think is a DJ set. However, he quickly launches into his music, spitting bars, jumping around, and even getting a mosh pit to open up. His visuals were also psychedelic, well thought out, and continuous throughout his set. His set was giving “early stages rapper having fun making beats in the basement with his friends vibes.” The crowd loved it.

The second opener was Fidlar, who started out sounding like older Blink 182. They came right out on stage, tuned their instruments, and started without the crowd even realizing they were in fact the next set. Unfortunately for them, MGM Music Hall was having substantial technological issues, so the lead singer could not be heard for a stretch, and there were plenty of microphone squeaks throughout. Regardless, they kept the energy high, and the crowd engaged for Oliver Tree’s set.

Now, when I tell you Oliver Tree has a long intro, I mean Oliver Tree has a long, long, long intro. Oliver Tree does not start singing until 30 minutes into his own set. The intro reads far more like a movie than a concert intro. There were commercials, there was a story line developing, the production team on this tour put in work.

Before he comes out on stage, there are two people in black and white full-bodysuits with TVs on their heads who play a DJ set of more or less house music for the first 15 minutes. It was most certainly giving unexpected rave energy- especially with the neon lights. Then, the movie begins.

One of the best parts of the Oliver Tree show is that there are visuals that account for every second you are there. They have it timed so perfectly that even the times that he is in a video saying the lyrics to his songs, he is contemporaneously singing them live. The show is also, of course, filled with theatrics ranging from a giant bull that spins while he stands on it to every person on stage wearing the same wig and pink oversized suit or cowboy outfit.

My biggest takeaway: you cannot be bored when Oliver Tree is playing. The thought that went into the production of this show is evident and is nothing short of impressive. Well done! Be sure to check out Oliver Tree’s album, Alone in a Crowd.