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K-Riz Sets His Sights High with the “Come & Go” Music Video Premiere

Alberta hip-hop star K-Riz premieres the music video for his new single “Come & Go,” off of his latest full-length album ‘One Way Ticket.’



K-Riz, photo by YamaGucci
K-Riz, photo by YamaGucci

There is a “sky is the limit” vibe these days surrounding K-Riz, and it’s hard not to miss in his new music video for his latest single, “Come & Go.” The song, featuring K The Chosen, is one of the many highlights on the Alberta rapper’s latest record, One Way Ticket. A lot of the clip has K-Riz performing the song outdoors, and a lot of the camera work features a lot of aerial shots, emphasizing the highs and peaks within his surroundings.

The song itself strikes an optimistic tone, an affirmation about moving through hard times. Through hard times, there are lessons to be learned, and the lyrics encourage you to embrace those lessons. K-Riz’s lyrics have an honesty and a transparency to them, which speaks to the artist he strives to be.

To shoot such an ambitious video, K-Riz enlisted the help of emerging Calgary filmmaker Gbohunmi. It was all shot in Calgary, meant to take viewers on a tour through elevated spaces and mindsets. Discussing both the song and the video, the rap star offers:

“I wrote ‘Come & Go’ as I was coming out on the other side of a bad situation and feeling really good again. It’s kind of a reminder to always try to see the bright side of things, even during the toughest times. Better days are ahead. On the other side of storms there is sunshine. I love how Gbohunmi captured that feeling of passing storms through movement and using lots of light and vibrant colours.”

One Way Ticket was released this past September via Birthday Cake Records. With his third proper full-length, K-Riz has never shown more skill and confidence with himself as an artist. It’s his most dynamic piece of work, featuring various musical influences like hip-hop, R&B, funk, and dance. He can both rap and sing with an equal level of proficiency, which becomes quite evident as you listen through this record.

Since his 2016 debut Fresh Air, K-Riz has shown a steady progression into a more complete artist. He’s worked hard at honing his vocal talents as well as his live show, and has also formed some great bonds within the industry. You see it all through One Way Ticket, as it features a bunch of different guests, including Bubby Lewis, Octavio N. Santos, Ice Tha One, ZENON, Riwo, and KTheChosen. With many lessons learned and wisdom as an asset, K-Riz is showing that the hard times are just one part of the road leading to where you want to be.

One Way Ticket Track Listing:

1. Palms Intro (prod. J.Soul)
2. One Way Ticket feat. Emily Slaney (prod. IrishMeetsWorld)
3. Something About U (prod. Junia-T)
4. Don’t Judge feat. Bubby Lewis (prod. KazMega)
5. Middle Finger U feat. Fatrok (prod. GoldenChild)
6. Be Great feat. Deuce Fantastick and Tina Sol (prod. JDats)
7. Whatever U Wanna Do feat. Nica, Octavio N. Santos, and Bubby Lewis (prod. JDats)
8. Inside Your Love (prod. Eddie Pe$o$)
9. Queen feat. Riwo (prod. GRAY)
10. Once in a Lifetime feat. ZENON and Octavio N. Santos (prod. LordQuest)
11. Come and Go feat. KTheChosen, Tina Sol, Octavio N. Santos and Deppisch (prod. Theo)
12. Less is More feat. Ice Tha One (prod. Junia-T)
13. Spend Some Time feat. Matt Marlo, Bubby Lewis, Octavio N. Santos (prod. Eddie Pe$o$)
14. So Sure feat. Slow Honey, Octavio N. Santos and Tina Sol (prod. JDats)

K-Riz ‘One Way Ticket’ album artwork

K-Riz ‘One Way Ticket’ album artwork