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Director Matt Pittroff Unveils Short Film “Safe Space”

Matt Pittroff & Jeff Collins, share short film, “Safe Space,” asking: When it comes to love, is AI or human beings the more advanced species?



Safe Space movie
Safe Space movie

Renowned comedy director Matt Pittroff and ECD/writing partner Jeff Collins produced another short film, “Safe Space,” and pose the question: When it comes to love, is AI or human beings the more advanced species?

The Working Stiff Films production features dark comedy and compelling performances by Donald Chang (Zombie Wedding, HBO’s Search Party and High Maintenance), Molly Coyne (Rocket (wo)Men, Adam Karsten’s Once), and Julia Kelly (Dr. Death, The Last OG with Tracy Morgan and Law & Order). “Safe Space” is set to challenge perceptions as it takes viewers on a journey where a scientist and her sentient “pleasure model” grapple with the complexities of their evolving relationship aboard a spaceship.

Collins expounds on the themes of the script:

“I continue to be fascinated—and frightened—by how our relationships are impacted by modern technology, and how we seem more connected with it than we do with other humans, so that was the impetus once again for this film. Thankfully, through my connection with Matt – a fantastic human and director – it was able to evolve from what could have been another ‘lockdown’ script into an exploration of a much more complex and concerning issue. We keep talking about AI stealing our jobs, but what if it comes for our hearts?”

Pittroff emphasizes that beneath the surface of this space-age lovers’ quarrel lies an exploration of emotional connections between AI and humans, exposing vulnerabilities and the potential for manipulation. “We are all a little afraid of the unknown, especially when it comes to love and robots. And when that unknown begins to understand us better than we understand ourselves, the fear gets real and imminently disastrous. The film explores this in what we hope is a smart, dark and comedic way.SMARKEDY, if you will.”

“Making short films is therapeutic for me,” explains Pittroff, “allowing me to explore a bit of my darker (and slower) side, and work more instinctively, while applying all the years of training and experience I have accrued being a collaborative, visually meticulous, performance-first commercial director. These labors of love take a village and so before the world comes to end, I want to thank all of the talented folx, starting with our amazing cast, who lent their expertise to the making of “Safe Space.”

Safe Space movie poster

Safe Space movie poster

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