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Battlemode Premiere Their “Mega” New Indie Electronic Single

Battlemode premiere their new single “Mega,” a more offbeat, experimental track for the modern indie electronic group.



Battlemode in 2023, photo by Dave Green
Battlemode in 2023, photo by Dave Green

There are many different faces to the band Battlemode, and you’re getting a look at one of their more eclectic sides today with the premiere of “Mega.” Unlike most modern indie acts, Battlemode doesn’t stick to just one script; they change it up.

While much of their material is more traditional indie pop songs with verses and choruses, “Mega” is much more offbeat and experimental. It’s the trio’s first instrumental release, detached from the conventions of guitars and drums. It is meant to spotlight the electronic and acoustic elements they utilize within their songs. The band is shining a light on the importance of electronics in their music while also having fun with the concept.

Discussing the song and its composition, the group  comments:

“This is meant to be a conversation between Gameboy and violin; but I was also thinking about active music that would pair well with exercise or gaming. Each idea is introduced separately throughout the song, but the real push in the song occurs when all the ideas are occurring simultaneously, when all the ideas are talking over each other.”

Electro pop has always been a subgenre that has permitted a lot of freedom to the songwriter, and Battlemode ensure to take advantage of that freedom. They freely look to the electronic sounds of past music scenes for inspiration, but also other forms of music. Video game music, especially of the classic era, has become an important point of inspiration for many modern acts. That glitchy, 8-bit mono sound holds so much nostalgia for so many people. It’s a reminder of their adolescence, days spent playing Gameboys and other more simplistic gaming consoles. Battlemode takes those sounds and reinvigorates them within their ability to create dynamic synth tones and modern beats.

Staying true to their DIY dynamic, the members of Battlemode opened their own music venue called The 4th Wall last year. This isn’t just any musical venue though, it is a repurposed movie theatre. It speaks to their attitude and resolve as an act, to do unconventional things in the name of creativity.

Battlemode “Mega” single artwork

Battlemode “Mega” single artwork