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Avatar Screening “Makes A Killer Album” Documentary in London

The heavy metal ‘n’ roll, dark, madcap Avatar are going to be screening their documentary, ‘Makes a Killer Album.’




The heavy metal ‘n’ roll, dark, madcap visionaries collectively known as Avatar invite fans to view their outstanding new documentary, Makes a Killer Album, at a London screening on January 24th and 25th. If a viewing wasn’t enough, there will also be an unmissable opportunity to join the band for an exclusive Q&A after each screening.

Frontman Johannes Eckerström says:

“Your first birth was on the house; those are the cards you’re forced to play. Until today. You can be reborn every single night. Evolve. We feed your ear through an umbilical cord. We are the placenta. Your mind rests inside a soft womb of sound. Then, there is light. Escape. Open your eyes. This is the first night of the rest of your life. We are still in you.”

2023 was quite a year for Avatar. They achieved their first #1 single, “The Dirt I’m Buried In,” and were recently immortalised as a fossil from Southern Sweden; discovered by Dr. Ben Thuy, a​​ paleontologist at the Luxembourg Natural History Museum. This fossil is now known as Ophiocoma avatar. The name Ophiocoma avatar, is valid for eternity. The group is now a part of the Earth’s history, of the palaeontological heritage of Sweden, and have gained a small piece of immortality.

Tickets for the screenings alongside their European tour are available here.

Avatar ‘Dance Devil Dance’ movie poster

Avatar ‘Dance Devil Dance’ movie poster