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The Dreaded Laramie Release Power-Pop Single “Breakup Songs” via Smartpunk Records

Femme power-pop band The Dreaded Laramie have released their new single “Breakup Songs,” their first release under Smartpunk Records.



The Dreaded Laramie
The Dreaded Laramie

The Dreaded Laramie announced that they are joining the Smartpunk Records roster with the release of their latest single, “Breakup Songs.” The track is a glittery showcase of the band’s femme power pop balanced with grittier rock nuances.

Vocalist MC Cunningham wears her heart on her sleeve with melodic moments and brutally honest lyrics about moving on from a bad breakup. This single marks the first release under Smartpunk Records with more gender-bending punk-tinged indie rock tunes en route in 2024.

MC commented on the idea behind the song:

“To try to capture where I was at moving forward from the breakup, I wanted to write a song that, stylistically, I would’ve been embarrassed to show my ex while we were together. I am super proud of the result, though. It is a song that feels and sounds like emotional liberation to me.”

The band is also hitting the road with Smoking Popes in 2024.

The Dreaded Laramie “Breakup Songs” single artwork

The Dreaded Laramie “Breakup Songs” single artwork