Intensity and determination are the backbone of punk rock, and there is no better example of that than Spider. The punk quartet is pleased to unveil the music video for their latest single, “Tabula Rasa.” It is the latest music from the band and the first song since their recent “Tripwire” single, following 2019’s Energy Gone Wrong EP.

Despite the previous four-year wait, the group has not missed a beat, with “Tabula Rasa” an assertive, powerful blast of punk. It is both classic and modern in its execution, with the song sounding modern enough, but the vibe around it is very much rooted in the spirit of The Sex Pistols or The Clash. The song emulates Spider’s relentless drive and do-it-yourself approach to how they conduct themselves.

Describing the song in more detail, Spider lead singer Hector Martinez tells us:

“‘Tabula Rasa’ has the sonic temperament of a runaway train hugging the track along tight curves and threatening to go off the rails at any moment. Lyrically, the song is a whirlwind lexicon vortex of metaphor fueled vocals. From an ode to punk rock venues of the past to snapshots of a near-death experience caused by a Norwegian air plane that lost an engine on take-off. The existential nature of the human condition is always at the core.

“I know it’s been said before, but it’s true. Sometimes the songs write themselves. Sometimes the meaning behind the lyrics reveal themselves later. The best times are when they take on a life of their own and impact folks on a personal level months or years after they were written. Here’s to writing your own story. Cheers.”

Joining Martinez in the band are guitarist Karl Izumi, bassist Brian Seidel, and drummer Alf Silva. Silva is a former member of Channel 3, Izumi previously played in Legend of the Seagullmen, and Martinez is a former member of Bullet Treatment. Musically, they are a mix of darker punk ethos and gritty, raw, powerful rock n’ roll.

What has really helped Spider define themselves as a band is their live show. They have become a festival mainstay, playing Riot Fest, Punk Rock Bowling Festival, It’s Not Dead Fest, Back To Future Festival in Germany, Brakrock Festival in Belgium, and so many more. What they pride themselves on the most is their abilities as a live act. They have become well known for their provocative live sets that brim with spirit and over-the-top intensity. In a nutshell, Spider is everything an effective, dynamic, and dominant punk rock act should be.

Tour Dates:

11/19 – San Pedro, CA – The Sardine w/ R.I.P. Drivers
12/22 – Long Beach, CA – Alex’s Bar w/ Fear and CH3
01/19 – Los Angeles, CA – The Redwood Bar w/ Change Today (feat. Joe Wood, formerly of TSOL)

Spider “Tabula Rasa” single artwork
Spider “Tabula Rasa” single artwork