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Great Good Fine Ok Premiere Their Sonically Diverse New Single “Blame”

Pop, soul, funk, R&B duo Great Good Fine Ok premiere their new single “Blame” from their upcoming EP to be released via Nettwerk Music.



Great Good Fine Ok, photo by Shervin Lainez

Generations of pop, soul, synth, and R&B meet in the middle in Great Good Fine Ok’s new single “Blame.” The synth-pop duo is back with their first new music in nearly two years. The song is an early glimpse of what’s to come on their forthcoming EP. That EP will arrive early in the new year via Nettwerk.

“Blame” is so sonically diverse, that it’s hard to explain. It’s a testament to the talent and creative abilities of the team of lead singer Jon Sandler and multi-instrumentalist Luke Moellman. It’s a funkified jam, with a falsetto-powered hook, with guitars, horns, and a retro disco beat reminiscent of the heyday of Studio 54. 1970s jazz rock and R&B provided the musical inspiration for this jam. You can hear a lot of Prince within the song’s beat atmosphere and also within Sandler’s impressive vocals.

Discussing the song, Sandler tells us:

“‘It’s not my fault but it’s my problem.’ It’s an interesting dilemma when someone else’s issues become your problems. It signifies a level of seriousness that we all desire, a symptom of the most serious kind of love. But those moments don’t always feel great in the moment, (the grass is always greener on the other side), but would it be better to have only your own messes to clean up forever?

“When is enough, enough and how do you decide if and when to sacrifice a relationship? And what does it mean if you start taking the blame too often? These are some of the questions that inspired us while writing the song.”


Along with “Blame,” Great Good Fine Ok also recently revealed their “Will We Make It?” single. The guys made a big change to their lives last year, moving cross-country from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. They did so in an effort to change things up and be immersed in a different music scene. They have looked upon this change as a fresh start, a new beginning, a sign that they have grown. The move has breathed new creative life into their process, a freedom to let their sound naturally morph and evolve.

Their upcoming EP will be their sixth in total, a renewed sonic direction and purpose. Part of what has bred success with Great Good Fine Ok is this willingness to grow and mature. This success has been to the tune of hundreds of millions Spotify streams. 2024 promises to be their most exciting and dramatic year yet.

Great Good Fine Ok “Blame” single artwork

Great Good Fine Ok “Blame” single artwork