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Chayse Porter Premieres His Sharp New Single “Lead Pipe Cinch”

Singer-songwriter Chayse Porter has some interesting things to say about American society with his new single “Lead Pipe Cinch.”



Chayse Porter, photo by Aly Hansen

With his brand new single “Lead Pipe Cinch,” Chayse Porter is taking this as an opportunity to remind us that things aren’t always going to turn out like you think. The Birmingham, Alabama singer-songwriter has delivered perhaps his most poignant song yet. Along with the single release, Porter is also pleased to announce the release of his new record, Endless / Boundless.

Due out on January 10th via Earth Libraries, this will be Porter’s most evocative album yet. You can hear it in “Lead Paper Cinch,” a song about having it all figured out that he uses to make a larger statement on American society. The song takes its name from 1930s racetrack slang that was used to describe when something was absolutely certain.

To tell us more is Porter himself, who states:

“We’ve all bet on the wrong horse before. Hell, even the lucky ones lose their shirt sometime or another. ‘Lead Pipe Cinch’ takes aim at the ring toss of unfettered capitalism; a game I wouldn’t bet on if I were you…

“I came across an old horse track race one day, where they described a sure-fire win as a ‘lead pipe cinch;’ they had it all buttoned up. I really dug the phrase as a way to lament the failures of American exceptionalism and how frustrating it is to see folks still buying into those ideals with unflinching faith, especially those that have very little left to lose.


“Chugging along to the rhythm of my washing machine in the next room, I started humming the chorus (you’ll find out when it comes out in the wash). I take solace in the idea that a fixed game, plagued by avarice, eventually blinds and topples its creators.”

For Endless / Boundless, Porter opted for a new recording strategy. Whereas his last record, Chay’s Palace, was recorded with vintage analogue equipment, the new album was done on a more ad hoc basis. Chay’s Palace was all done in the studio, with everything very focused, intentional, and well thought out.

Conversely, Endless/ Boundless was recorded alone and on the fly. Porter did not want to sit on any one idea for too long. He feared that the inspiration for that idea may evaporate, so he took a more direct, almost urgent approach. His focus was on expressing himself in the most immediate, honest way possible. He did not want to define a “correct” way for how things should be done. That off-the-cuff approach has served other artists well, and it has done the same for Porter. He is now eager for listeners to delve into the more eccentric, expansive nooks and crannies contained within this record.

Chayse Porter “Lead Pipe Cinch” single artwork

Chayse Porter “Lead Pipe Cinch” single artwork