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Alaina May – “Keeps Me Up” [Song Review]

Indie-pop artist Alaina May releases “Keeps Me Up,” inviting listeners on a captivating journey into the realm of late-night introspection.



Alaina May “Keeps Me Up” single artwork, by Stephanie Liu

Indie-pop artist Alaina May’s latest single, “Keeps Me Up,” invites listeners on a captivating journey into the realm of late-night introspection, delivering a spellbinding experience that marries emotive lyricism with a rich musical tapestry.

The song opens with an atmospheric arrangement, setting the stage for May’s ethereal vocals to take center stage. Her voice, both haunting and delicate, navigates the complexities of self-reflection, drawing the listener into the intimate narrative she unfolds. The song’s overall sound is best described as acoustic-centric, with a minimalist, ambient production that features sparkly synth arpeggios and harmonies layered over simple acoustic guitar and piano tracks. Its meticulous production adds a modern edge to the singer-songwriter’s introspective musings, utilizing sonic elements to mirror the emotional turbulence inherent in the theme of overthinking.

The twenty-year-old’s lyrical prowess shines as the lyrics provide a window into the vulnerability and complexity of the human psyche during solitary moments of contemplation. The artist’s ability to convey raw emotions and introspective depth adds a layer of authenticity to “Keeps Me Up,” making it a relatable and resonant piece for listeners navigating the labyrinth of their own thoughts.

For fans of Alaina May and newcomers alike, “Keeps Me Up” marks the start of an exciting chapter in her musical journey. Hailing from Lake Country, Wisconsin, and currently a junior studying Business at Boston University, Alaina May’s heartfelt lyrics and melodies promise to resonate deeply with those who appreciate authentic storytelling in music.

Alaina May in the studio, photo by Maddie Walczak

Alaina May in the studio, photo by Maddie Walczak

Run Time: 3:20
Release Date: November 17, 2023
Record Label: Independent

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