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The Eradicators Announce Debut Music, Wellness & Travel Podcast via 604 Records

The Eradicators have just announced the release of their debut podcast series via 604 Records.



The Eradicators Podcast

The Eradicators have just announced the release of their debut podcast series via 604 Records. CC Voltage and Joseph Martin are a couple of indie rock goofballs. They’ve played in bands, made records, toured the world and drank a million beers. But now they’re grown up. So instead of drinking as much Labatt 50 as they possibly can, they hang out, play squash and talk about rock and roll and restaurants with their buds.

Taking their name from a Kids in the Hall sketch about an awkwardly aggressive squash player, The Eradicators take you around the world to check in with like-minded artists, industry professionals and musicians. They’ll hear their stories and get the skinny on the best things to catch in the cities where they reside. Their guests made it through their 20s and 30s…. didn’t die…. maybe overcame some personal issues…. maybe they still haven’t…. probably didn’t become multi-millionaires…. maybe they did…. at one time, they partied with Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor or something like that.

The bottom line is they’re still doing the thing they love to do. Plus, now they know where all the best local haunts are and probably have a meditation practice or something.

CC’s career spans decades in the international music industry. Best known for his time spent in Vancouver’s Spitfires and the Black Halos, he was also a member of The Awesome Dudes in Cologne, Germany, The Loyalties in London, England, and The Dysnea Boys in Berlin, Germany. More recently, he founded indie/punk rock publicity firm No Rules PR and joined the new wave group Autogramm, consisting of members of Black Mountain, Night Court and The Catheters.


Joseph Martin is the label manager for Light Organ Records, the indie rock division of 604 Records. He was formerly the bass player for horror punk band Nim Vind and the long-standing guitar player for Canadian indie rock band Bend Sinister. Regarding the philosophy of the podcast, Joseph had to say:

“It’s about art, it’s about creating things and it’s about looking forward. It’s about the difference between how that looks at 45 versus 25. It’s about managing life, staying healthy, and being productive and inspired. It’s about being in that place where you realize that you’re not “becoming” any more… you ARE. And it kind of fucking rules”.

The Eradicators Podcast Logo

The Eradicators Podcast Logo

Join CC and Joseph for Season 1 of the Eradicators, featuring interviews with punk rock American Sign Language interpreter Justin Maurer, Cordova Bay Records president Jocelyn Greenwood, Exclaim Magazine Editor-in-Chief Alex Hudson, musicians Amber Webber, Jason Honea and many others to come!

You can subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.