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Matías Roden Releases His Brand New Music Video for “Great Escape”



Matías Roden, photo by Nicole Jorgensen
Matías Roden, photo by Nicole Jorgensen

Matías Roden is a Peruvian-Canadian singer-songwriter living in Vancouver, BC. After performing in cover bands and writing for others in the city’s indie pop scene (including landing college radio play for one of his cuts), Matías began developing his own material as an artist. Drawing from classic British synth-pop combined with a modern, sample-based production sensibility and unflinchingly personal lyrics, Matías wrote and produced over a dozen demos in his makeshift bedroom studio. Those caught the attention of acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Louise Burns, and shortly after, he was signed to Vancouver’s Light Organ Records/604 Records.

New single, “Great Escape,” is sung from the perspective of depression itself, telling a depressed person they’ll never get over them, like a twisted love song. Written during COVID while recovering from a brain injury, Matías channelled the feelings of darkness from that time into the song’s lyrics but maintained a twinge of hope in its rousing production.

A song about failing that sounds like winning.

Discussing “Great Escape,” Roden states:

“The song is about depression. The lyrics are from the point of view of depression as if it were embodied in a person, singing to the person who is depressed, telling them they’ll never be free of it, like a twisted love song. It was inspired by my own experiences with depression and was written during COVID, a very lonely time for myself and most people, and as a double whammy, I was recovering from a brain injury which for months left me unable to look at a screen or go for a walk without pain.

“All these feelings were channeled into the song. But I wanted there to be a twinge of hope as well because I always try to look on the bright side of life, so I wanted the music to sound upbeat. It’s too much when a lyrically depressing song also has depressing music.”

The official music video was shot by Peter Faint, a friend of Matías’ who has worked as an editor on shows for Netflix, Adult Swim, and others. His incredible energy as a filmmaker was exactly what Matías wanted for the propulsive song’s visuals.

Matías Roden “Great Escape” single artwork

Matías Roden “Great Escape” single artwork