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Red Shakes Delivers Powerhouse Indie Single & Video, “Angel”

Red Shakes, the alias of musician Sam Da Silva, delivers his indie powerhouse “Angel,” revelling in love and romance.



Red Shakes

Red Shakes, the alias of musician Sam Da Silva, delivers his indie powerhouse “Angel,” revelling in love and romance. Backed by a band, the outfit creates guitar-driven indie-alternative music, with lyrics influenced by their life experiences, British culture, and growing up in the 21st century.

The latest single, “Angel,” is no different in its personal quality as it details Red Shakes’ own experience of being completely consumed with adoration for someone. Taking the mundane and putting it through the eyes of someone who is truly smitten, the track perfectly encapsulates that peak feeling of comfort, safety, and happiness, radiating purely because of the special someone you’re sharing those ordinary moments with.

Recorded at the end of 2022 at Gafro Studios in Elland, “Angel” was written by Sam Da Silva and produced by Gus Turner. Guest singer Phoebe Sutherland also graces the track with a sweet falsetto vocal in the chorus, further elevating the track’s angelic quality. The undercurrent of the song is carried by a slick bassline synced with the drums, creating a fun rhythm for the reverb-drenched guitars and keyboard to lay atop as Red Shakes’ soft and smooth vocals shine with comforting layers of warm harmonies.

“Angel” is sure to resonate with any live audience, something Red Shakes is more than familiar with. Their music thrives in a live setting, creating a sound comparable to the infectious indie-rock scene of the 2000s and the pop-rock bands of the 60s. When paired with big choruses and a magnetic stage presence, their shows are nothing but captivating and energetic.

The latest single is sure to add to Red Shakes’ long line of success; with a winning combination of energetic stage presence, commercial likability, and solid musicianship, Red Shakes is a triple-threat artist clearly on a rapid upward trajectory.

Red Shakes “Angel” single artwork

Red Shakes “Angel” single artwork

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