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Phuture Memoriez Premiere Their Odd-but-Rad New “Ear Blue” Music Video

Electronic group Phuture Memoriez premiere their “Ear Blue” music video from their concept record ‘Play Cobra’ (Nerve Wracking Collections).



Phuture Memoriez in 2023

For a concept record, you can’t get much more original than Phuture Memoriez. The band will release their new album, Play Cobra, on October 9th via Nerve Wracking Collections. Ahead of its release, the Vancouver group today reveals the music video for “Ear Blue.”

The song sounds like nothing on your playlist; fast-moving, frenetic, and full of varied musical influences. It indicates the versatile approach Phuture Memoriez brings to their songwriting. Their songs are short, fast blasts of early punk and hardcore, with influences of Krautrock and industrial rock. And their songs have an old-school video game soundtrack element, which is certainly evident in “Ear Blue.”

Describing the “Ear Blue” music video, Jessica Blaquiere, one-half of Phuture Memoriez comments:

“For the ‘Ear Blue’ video, Phuture Memoriez brings a dissected blue ear and red balaclavas across the border to mingle with the good people of LA and spread the dark ominous energy that is ‘Ear Blue.’ It was a nail biter at the airport when they asked ‘What’s in your bag?’”

Blaquiere, along with her songwriting partner Marc Blaquiere, specializes in concept records about some pretty unlikely topics. Play Cobra is inspired by the musical improvisational game Cobra. John Zorn, the legendary jazz musician, originally created the game in the early 1980s. It uses a series of hand jesters, cue cards, and drawings, and a conductor leading a group of improv artists. There are ten chapters in the Cobra manual, which Phuture Memoriez used as a guide for the ten tracks on Play Cobra. In an effort to create a hypnotic listening experience, all ten songs have the same tempo of 138 BPM.


Evolving from their previous musical endeavour, Jerk in the Can, the Blaquieres set out to make their albums full multimedia experiences. The concept of their first record was inspired by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, while their sophomore album dealt with death and dying. Visual elements like artwork, lights, and video tie-ins are viewed as just as important as the music. As a result, some film festivals have featured some of their videos. This multimedia approach is what makes Phuture Memoriez so compelling. There’s so much more than just songs here to consume and experience.

Phuture Memoriez ‘Play Cobra’ album artwork

Phuture Memoriez ‘Play Cobra’ album artwork