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Track-by-Track: Matthew Morgan Discusses and Debuts His Alt-Folk Album ‘Timepiece’

Alternative-folk artist Matthew Morgan premieres his new album ‘Timepiece’ with a track-by-track analysis of the ten-track album.



Matthew Morgan, photo by Rob Colgan

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, folk artist Matthew Morgan is poised to make an indelible mark on the music scene with his highly anticipated follow-up album, Timepiece, exclusively premiering on V13. His first full release since 2015 – Timepiece showcases his maturity as a songwriter and storyteller with an extraordinary collection of songs filled with captivating storytelling prowess that addresses contemporary issues of social justice, LGBTQI+ diversity and acceptance, Black Lives Matter, equal rights, and the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Defining Morgan’s modern indie-folk storytelling style, this ten-song album delves deep into the intricacies of the post-pandemic world, celebrating diversity and acceptance while shedding light on the struggles faced by marginalized communities. Through his easy-going and soulful style, Morgan weaves a narrative that resonates with listeners, offering comfort and powerful messages of change. Musically, Timepiece creates a collage of melancholy sentiments with an optimistic overtone. Morgan’s tenor voice is supported by acoustic richness and orchestral instrumentation – resulting in an intimate, captivating emotional journey.

As Morgan sees it, Timepiece is not just an album – it is a call to action and an invitation to explore complex societal issues through the lens of heartfelt music. This record holds powerful messages and thought-provoking themes, leaving a unique impact on society. In his own words, Morgan defines each track and shares the story and messages behind the music:

1. “Isolation”


“Everyone has a pandemic song right now, and one of my good friends and fellow songwriters here in Columbus, OH, calls them ‘pandy’ songs, so this is my pandy song! It was intentional to make the title of this album a play on words and I meant for it to be a record of the crazy times we’ve been living through. I mean, we were all just forced to stay inside our homes for two years without any social interaction other than the internet. This experience we’ve all shared is going to be researched and written about by future historians.”

2. “Timepiece”

“Although this isn’t 100% autobiographical, it is the most personal song I’ve ever recorded. The story is about two boys who are separated by their parents, who were unable to accept or condone their love for each other. Things have changed so much over time and improved for LGBTQIA+ folks, but I came out as queer in the early 1990s when the AIDS crisis was still at its height. I’m embarrassed that it took me so long to write this song, but better late than never.”

3. “The Good Life”


“They say you shouldn’t write songs that are too topical or preachy because your tunes won’t be successful unless they appeal to a more universal aesthetic that is easily digestible by the masses. I say, ‘What’s the point of writing songs if we don’t talk about anything important!’, so I decided to put the ‘Black Lives Matter’ motto right there in the chorus. I welcome anyone to criticize the songwriting; just remember to be an ally because white cops are still murdering black folks in the streets and getting away with it!”

4. “Running For That Dollar”

“This one is for all the cubicle warriors out there. Is hustle culture really all there is to the American dream? Because I personally think there’s more to life than Zoom calls and spreadsheets. Also, my amazingly talented friend, Chris Shaw, completely covers up my feeble attempt at playing slide with his incredible fiddle playing!”

Matthew Morgan 'Timepiece' album artwork

Matthew Morgan ‘Timepiece’ album artwork

5. “Sunny”

“I’ve been experimenting a lot with tuning my guitar in open D and simultaneously getting angry at all the reports on the news about extreme right-wing zealots trying to pass laws to eliminate rights to proper health care for transgender persons and banning drag shows around the US. How is it 2023, and we still haven’t figured out how to love and care for everyone?! I figure that we need to start with families and our youth with the hope that the next generation will be better than us. In doing so, I wrote this song to help folks know what to say to their child who has come out as transgender. It’s such a simple message.”

6. “Children In Our Minds”


“I recently celebrated a major milestone birthday and it got me thinking about whether or not I should feel something about that. The answer that came screaming back to me was, ‘f…no’! So, here we are. I’m refusing to grow up and I hope you’ll join me in a blissful state of perpetual adolescence.”

7. “My Oldest Friend”

“This one is meant to be ambiguous. It’s about overcoming that one person, place, or thing that keeps pulling you back from your true potential. It can be literally anything you need it to be as long as the choice is letting go.”

8. “Victory Song”


“My idea for this song came after the Parkland school shooting. In the midst of feeling ‘here we go again’ I was really moved by the survivors who galvanized their classmates to participate in the ‘March for Our Lives’ and how quickly, passionately, and eloquently they used their voices publicly to fight politicians and groups advocating against gun control. It reminded me that the future of our country is in the hands of our youth, and a LOT of them are much smarter and more motivated than we were. So, I wanted to write something that sounds optimistic even if that’s not always how I feel.”

9. “One Day Soon”

“Okay, in all transparency, I’m not good at writing love songs. The mushy feelings tend to give me the ‘ick’ when I’m actually singing them in front of an audience. But I think this one has just the right balance of weirdo book nerd meets lovestruck troubadour, so I’m going with it.”

10. “Alone In A Crowded Life”

“I’m very old school, and I still love the idea of recording an entire album. ‘Alone’ reflects the quintessential final song on an album vibe. It sounds like an epilogue, a good late-at-night track right before bed.”


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