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Track-by-Track: Maria Deirisarri Explains the 13 Stories of Her Album ‘In The Beginning’

Maria Deirisarri shares the stories and inspirations behind each of the new songs on her album, ‘In The Beginning.’



Image courtesy of Maria Deirisarri

A powerhouse at only seventeen years old, alternative-pop artist Maria Deirisarri has dropped her new 13-track record, In The Beginning, impressively showcasing her full range of skills and influences as she makes her mark on the music industry.

In The Beginning is more than just an album – it is a statement and introduction to Maria Deirisarri’s artistry and passion, as her musicianship and lyricism suggest wisdom beyond her years. The album guides listeners through a sonic journey through ethereal instrumentals and power-driven themes as Deirisarri’s lyrical sentiments span across love, fear, and resistance, as she ultimately reaches a point of self-discovery within the album’s resolution.

In The Beginning encompasses so many experiences and time periods in my life, acting as a collection of memories and progress. From ‘Te Necesito,’ which I wrote when I was ten, to ‘Pieces,’ a song I wrote a few months ago – this record represents all of ​who I have grown to be.” – Maria Deirisarri

Seamlessly blending enticing Latin rhythms with pop sensibilities and melodies, the young artist experiments with a multitude of genres, from dark alternative to bossa nova, generating an eclectic mix representative of her unique culture and heritage.

Maria sat down with V13 to dive into each of the thirteen songs featured on the album and share some of the stories and inspiration that drive this upbeat, sensual, tender, fun and carefree musical exploration.


1. “I’m Going Home”

“‘I’m Going Home’ – the header of the album. Its lyrics explore my doubts, my journey of self-discovery, my questions for the future, and the happiness that music brings me. The song represents my identity and discusses my dreams of music always being in my life, but it also challenges my current path, saying, ‘screw my perfect, tailored plan.’ It’s a fun song with a double personality, with the tempo changing from slow and gentle in the first half to a total bop in the second half!”

2. “Blindfolded”

“‘Blindfolded’ is a song about friendship, trust, and fear. It was the first song I recorded and single I released (at thirteen years old). The lyrics act as an extended metaphor, exploring the journey of every word through a treacherous storm. The bridge of the song is an acknowledgment of my bicultural roots, with Spanish guitars and Latin rhythms.”

3. “Junctional Rhythm”


“A junctional rhythm is actually a rare heart arrhythmia that I began experiencing (completely out of the blue) a few days before my sophomore year began. I struggled with understanding the condition and developed a constant fear of sudden death–all feelings that are documented in what became one of my favorite original songs, ‘Junctional Rhythm.’ Heavy guitar and percussion-driven music.”

'In The Beginning' cover art by Maria Deirisarri

‘In The Beginning’ cover art by Maria Deirisarri

4. “The Same”

“‘The Same’ is, above all, a love song. The lyrics speak to the strength of romantic connection, the intimate understanding between partners, and the betterment of two halves when joined together. Written in English and Spanish with a lot of romantic guitar, ukulele, and piano!”

5. “Itilu”

“‘Itilu’ is about teenage love, with love triangles and everything! Explores the frustration of not being someone’s first choice (or even second choice), and the desperation of one-sided love. Even has a splash of rap in it. ‘Itilu’ was an experimentation with hip-hop during the earlier stages of creating my artistry.”

6. “I Am Enough”


“Everyone needs an empowerment song! ‘I Am Enough’ is about self-confidence and affirmation, not only in day-to-day life but in the brutal music industry as well. The song states, ‘I’ll be here standing on the stage,’ exploring the difficulties of constant rejection and underestimation, especially as an independent artist. It has fast Latin rhythms and even a disco-y section!”

7. “Te Necesito”

“Written when I was ten, ‘Te Necesito’ is a simple, pure ballad about love–whether it be for a partner, a friend, or family. Its bilingual nature is meant to reach a wide audience to spread the message of appreciation for those we love. Hits hard, especially for those with family across the world.”

8. “If The Moon Was a Person”


“Described by Music Crowns and We Write About Music as a ‘perfect pop break-up anthem,’ ‘If The Moon Was a Person’ is about freeing a tethered heart. It’s about knowing your own self-worth, when to leave well enough alone, and saying ‘bye-bye’ to toxic people.”

9. “Freedom”

“‘Freedom’ is a derivative of its following track, ‘Diamond.’ It has no lyrics and is comprised solely of vocal harmonies. Its meaning is entirely up to interpretation, but to me, it’s always been a symbol of clarity and, as its namesake suggests, freedom.”

Image courtesy of Maria Deirisarri

Image courtesy of Maria Deirisarri

10. “Diamond”

“‘Diamond’ is a dark song–not so much lyric-wise, but sound-wise. Its heavy bass and synthesizer definitely put an inky lens on the lyrics. The words themselves suggest the escaping of a toxic relationship and the desperate search for freedom, almost acting as a last chance to take another path before one goes insane.”

11. “Knock Knock Knock”


“‘Knock Knock Knock’ is a very cinematic song. It tells the story of an unlucky man hunted down by the suits–he accidentally involves his neighbor, the narrator of the song, and takes listeners along for a crazy ride. Literally formatted in a storytelling manner, ‘Knock Knock Knock’s’ lyrics and sound effects definitely put on a show.”

12. “Ice Giants”

“Possibly the cutest song of the album! ‘Ice Giants’ is a sweet song about unconditionally loving someone, and encouraging them to love themselves. The lyrics focus on taking someone who’s hurting/doubting themselves and raising them up with support.”

13. “Pieces”

“‘Pieces’ is a song about reflection, forgiveness, and honesty. Its lyrics are about recounting the struggles of trying to be someone else and holding everything in place, and the happiness of letting it all fall apart and transform. Rustic guitar, muffled percussion, and even some vibraphone in the background. A week after I wrote it, it was recorded! It’s the baby of the album.”


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