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He Meddles In Things Premiere ‘The New Normal’; Check out the New EP!

Songwriter and producer Alex Webb Presents the new EP ‘The New Normal’ from his songwriting/producer project He Meddles In Things.



Alex Webb, photo by Adam Lowe Photography

‘The new normal’ is anything but normal when it comes to He Meddles In Things. The songwriting project of musician and producer Alex Webb today marks the debut of his new EP. The best aspect of the modern music industry is that you get gems like this new five-track collection.

Such innovation and originality perhaps wouldn’t have fit into other eras. But Webb’s ability to harness different sounds and styles on The New Normal is nothing short of impressive. The subgenre that Webb has created for his music can be described as LoFi Emo. You quickly understand what he’s getting at with that when you start listening to this new offering.

There’s an interesting story behind the writing and recording of The New Normal. Sharing his headspace with us is Webb, who states:

“This release is the byproduct of coming out of an elongated depression and writer’s block. Every day was a battle to trudge through and I felt I no longer had any reasons to fight. I eventually made some major life changes, one of them being therapy. I was putting the work in and found my voice as a musician again. I started writing a song a month and found that I didn’t lose myself as I had once thought.

“Music has always been a healthy coping mechanism and I’m extremely proud to be able to hear the work paying off. For anyone struggling with the creative process, I heavily recommend Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act. There are countless lines in that book that had me mutter, “damn.”


The further you get into The New Normal, the more you start to understand what LoFi Emo is all about. Webb skillfully combines Emo with elements of LoFi Hip Hop, with a particular focus on lyrics. With the type of sound he pursues, it would be easy to overlook the lyrical elements. But Webb has always had an appreciation for the power of lyrics and their ability to get a rise or reaction out of a listener when they hear a relatable line. He recorded the EP in his home studio, experimenting with sampling and music software in an effort to conjure up the most innovative sound he’s capable of. It all worked out quite well with The New Normal, a pleasing listen and something that Webb can really build off of for future recording projects.

The New Normal Track Listing:

1. Fighting
2. Bodies Used As Bridges
3. A Room Without Windows
4. I’m Just Wasted
5. This Loneliness Thing

He Meddles In Things ‘The New Normal’ EP album artwork

He Meddles In Things ‘The New Normal’ EP album artwork