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Freya Ridings (w/ Tors) Takes Fans on an Unforgettable Journey at Leeds O2 Academy [Photos]

Freya Ridings, with help from Devon indie/pop trio Tors, takes fans on an epic journey at Leeds O2 Academy. Check out the photos here.



Freya Ridings @ Leeds O2 Academy by Graham Finney Photography

It’s a Friday night in Leeds and singer/songwriter Freya Ridings is finally bringing her ‘Blood Orange’ tour to Yorkshire. After the usual delays, the tour in support of her 2023 album of the same name, gets underway and an almost full house greets Freya as she makes her return.

We arrive at the venue as indie-pop trio Tors take to the stage. With a healthy gathering of fans in the crowd already it seems, the Devon trio have no problems winning over the rest of this audience. With their witty banter, infectious energy, and collection of easily digestible tunes, oh, and some free merch, Tors set may be short and sweet but, by the end of it, they left the stage with another room full of newly converted fans… and deservedly so.

A moody set and a piano fills out the stage at the O2 Academy as Freya Ridings glides out of the wings and into opening number “Dancing In A Hurricane”. It’s an attention-grabbing way of opening a set and one which sets the tone for the rest of this stunning evening.

As the set progresses, it is easy to see why Ridings is often likened to the iconic Kate Bush. From one story to the next, the singer-songwriter sweeps through her set as the likes of “Weekends” and “Wolves” see Ridings bearing her soul for her audience.


Throughout the lengthy seventeen song set, Ridings alternates between her acoustic guitar and the piano. From the gentle “Face In The Crowd” to the pulsing “Castles”, the journey Freya takes her fans on is one that resonates with every single person in this audience tonight and one which makes nights like this one so truly special.

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