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Eugene S. Robinson Publshes Intriguing Memoir “A Walk Across Dirty Waters”

Eugene S. Robinson has released his stunning memoir “A Walk Across Dirty Water (And Straight Into Murderer’s Row).”



Eugene S. Robinson, photo by Kasia Robinson

A rollicking, no-holds-barred memoir from journalist and musician Eugene S. Robinson that takes readers along for the ride of their lives. Eugene S. Robinson has released his  stunning memoir “A Walk Across Dirty Waters and Straight into Murderer’s Row.

“A weird rollicking ride” frames how author Eugene S. Robinson views his journey from a Brooklyn kid with decidedly offbeat punk rock proclivities to the realities of California hardcore and his dark detours into shows, tours, drugs, porn, guns, MMA fighting, an Ivy League-esque education, and his eventual entry into the US Defense industry just in time to see his boss dragged into Contragate.

Eugene S. Robinson remarks on his life experiences:

“No one who ever gets a life sentence for just about anything, really expects it to last a lifetime. Even if the modifier is ‘without the possibility of parole.’ Hope springs eternal, but there’s always the undiscussed other option. The one where the fate is chosen, freely, and the protagonist has about as much interest in escaping as he does of being almost anywhere else at all. Which is to say: not at all.”

Robinson’s writing mirrors his fighting style: intensity, ferocity, and brutal truth. He knows exactly who he is and how he is perceived by the white people and white culture that surrounds him. Robinson challenges accepted norms. He fights against easy answers and safe passages.

A “Walk Across Dirty Water And Straight Into Murder’s Row” includes personal forewords by Lydia Lunch and Harley Flanagan and brief afterwords by Steve Albini and Jimi Izrael. Order the book now via Amazon Worldwide or directly from Feral House.

Eugene S. Robinson “A Walk Across Dirty Water” book cover

Eugene S. Robinson “A Walk Across Dirty Water” book cover

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