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Diamond Weapon Channels the Afterlife with Debut of “Science Fiction at the Edge of Existence” Music Video

Diamond Weapon gets in the Halloween spirit with the premiere of their music video for “Science Fiction at the Edge of Existence.”



Diamond Weapon in 2023

With Halloween coming up in a couple of days, we can give thanks to bands like Diamond Weapon to get us in the spooky spirit. Today, the band debuts the music video for their latest single, “Science Fiction at the Edge of Existence.” The song is the second single from their new record, All Heart, No Sleeve. With the album due out next week on November 10th, excitement is running high. This is the Toronto band’s first new LP since 2021’s Eyes.

Emotional and introspective, “Science Fiction at the Edge of Existence” is a song about the afterlife. It’s about someone who has waited in a world beyond ours for a loved one to get there. Once they arrive, it comes with great relief that they have both now been reunited. Although not specifically written for Halloween, it fits in perfectly with the season. The song was actually written during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic when the death toll was rising. Frontman Louis Tentsos wrote the song about people who have lost their partners, wondering what it must feel like to wait for them in the afterlife.

Discussing the video, Tentsos states:

“We are so thrilled to be premiering this video with V13 today, alongside so many other great artists and features. We decided to go back to our DIY roots and filmed this music video ourselves. The video was shot in my Toronto condo with lights and a black screen rented from the Hart House Film Board, and we had a lot of fun doing it! Considering the serious subject matter of the song, being about death, the afterlife, and reuniting love, we decided to contrast that with a more humorous video, parodying ‘the Gatekeeper’ from the ’90s video board game Nightmare and having each member take turns singing the song to the camera from the ‘Other Side.’”

It’s been quite an adventure for Diamond Weapon since forming in 2016. Tentsos (who we spoke to a couple of years ago for Tattoo Talk) and his bandmates Jason Bradfield and Marco Vani formed the band after finding each other on Kijiji and Craigslist. The band has undergone some changes since the release of Eyes, with the addition of guitarist Stephen Maclean. Adding Maclean to the mix really changed things up for the better in terms of how they wrote music. Bradfield and Maclean had played together in previous bands, so there was already a rapport. But adding Maclean has really helped the quartet with their creative process.


The band feels that All Heart, No Sleeve will really resonate with listeners due to its subject matter. Like “Science Fiction at the Edge of Existence,” many of the songs deal with loneliness, heartbreak, and even social justice. These are all very prevalent issues from a very prevalent band, ready to take that next big step.

All Heart, No Sleeve Track Listing:

1. Heaven In The Cold Clouds
2. A Harsh Lesson in Vulnerability
3. There Were, In Fact, Some Frills
4. Dorothy
5. Gillian
6. Who Survives the End of the World?
7. Only the Cowards
8. Science Fiction at the Edge of Existence

Diamond Weapon ‘All Heart, No Sleeve’ album artwork

Diamond Weapon ‘All Heart, No Sleeve’ album artwork