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Dan From Downingtown Debuts His “Make Sure I’m Not Dead” Single and Video

Dan From Downingtown has a new lease on his musical life with the premiere of his “Make Sure I’m Not Dead” single and music video.



Dan From Downingtown, photo by Dominic Delore at “Delore Studio”

As 2023 has moved along and unfolded, it has been something of a new beginning for Dan From Downingtown. You get a piece of that new beginning with the premiere of his new “Make Sure I’m Not Dead” video. Dan is an experienced musician but not exactly experienced with this kind of sound. As you hear on this new single, it’s more of an alternative song with a ’90s sound and vibe.

But that’s not a style that Dan typically associated himself with. Previously, he was more involved in the punk and metal scene in and around Philadelphia, close to his home in Downingtown. But around the time 2023 arrived, he decided to take his music in a new direction. With that new direction came this new alias, Dan From Downingtown, and a new lease on life.

Discussing “Make Sure I’m Not Dead,” Dan tells us:

“A couple months ago, I released my latest single, ‘My Kind Of Normal,’ and the response was overwhelmingly positive. It was very experimental compared to my other music, so I really wasn’t sure how it would go over with people. So I was very surprised that it got the reception that it did.

“With this next new single, I decided to fall a little more into my roots as a musician. The song is called ‘Make Sure I’m Not Dead,’ and it’s the second of three singles that I will be releasing for this album.


“Lyrically, I don’t want to give away too much, because it is a part of the broader concept of the album. However, for those who listen closely, I think the song conveys a very relatable feeling of loneliness, insecurity, and ‘lack of caring and compassion’ that many feel today. Especially with the way the world is now.

“I didn’t want the song to come off as dark as I did when I released my last EP Stasis. So I decided to have a little fun with the music video. The concept is pretty simple. What would happen is me and my buddy Frank got high, and made our way into the city. Without giving away too much, I think we got pretty close to how it feels for us in real life. Like I said, we had a little fun.”

This new approach to music has really instigated some deep creativity in the singer-songwriter. He has been writing and recording for most of this year, with singles dropping along the way. Since starting this songwriting project, his goal has simply been for his music to speak to the listener. In other words, the greatest reward for him would be for it to resonate with listeners, who find it relatable to them in their own lives.

Dan has a whole concept planned for his upcoming EP, but he is not ready to reveal yet what that concept is. Right now, he is content to introduce himself as Dan From Downingtown, a guy who likes to write songs, go with the flow, and let you attach your own meaning, value, or interpretation to his music.

Dan From Downingtown “Make Sure I’m Not Dead” single artwork

Dan From Downingtown “Make Sure I’m Not Dead” single artwork