20-year-old Mylie Taylor is a Toronto-based artist drawing inspiration from the ’90s grunge rock scene, drops her latest single, “Better Yet.” Her writing puts a spotlight on the darkest parts of life, with all of her songs relating back to mental health as a core theme.

Mylie comments on mental health and the inspiration behind the single:

“This song is about getting better, but not feeling totally better yet. ‘Better Yet’ is a heavy song, but it’s honest. I hope that this song can help you on your journey if you’re not feeling better yet either.”

She shares the most vulnerable parts of herself, discussing topics many view as uncomfortable: mental illness, addiction, and death. “Wish I didn’t hate getting older, so many didn’t get the chance,” she sings on “Better Yet,” a heavy song with complex emotions surrounding mental health.

With several other great releases in her catalogue, such as “USELESS” and “DISAPPEAR,” it is apparent that Mylie Taylor is here to stay. More information about the artist, her music, and future events can be found HERE.

Mylie Taylor “Better Yet” single artwork
Mylie Taylor “Better Yet” single artwork

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