Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jenn Vix unveils her new single/music video, “In The Air Tonight,” a cover of Phil Collins’ hit song featuring Grammy-winning guitarist Vernon Reid of Living Colour fame.

An audacious musical chameleon who knows who she is and what she does best, Vix has released an array of solo albums, EPs, and singles, plus tracks with her post-punk duo Feeney Vix. Her recent collaborations include Andy Anderson (late drummer of The Cure), John Ashton (from The Psychedelic Furs), Ali Score (original drummer of A Flock Of Seagulls), and Reeves Gabriels (former Bowie guitarist).

Vix’s version of “In The Air Tonight” rides a stripped-down, darkwave rhythm as Reid’s guitar injects bluesy crying accents while Vix’s vocals imbue the lyrics with almost dirge-like tones, giving the song a prayerful sensation along with an atmosphere of gloomy loneliness.

In the original version, Collins’ voice projected an ominous edge of suppressed rage, a kind of frayed wire menace ready to spiral out of control. In contrast, Vix conveys a sense of nostalgic sadness, a feeling highlighted by wailing vocal harmonies. There’s a starkness, a desolate roughness oozing from the vocals.

Similar to an ill-fated heroine in a doomed relationship, Jenn Vix’s “In The Air Tonight” hums with visceral, heavy sorrow.

Jenn Vix, photo by JFIVENINEMEDIA
Jenn Vix, photo by JFIVENINEMEDIA

Run Time: 4:54
Release Date: August 29, 2023
Record Label: Independent