The Arctic Monkeys returned to TD Garden in Boston, MA, on Sunday night after five long years. The end of their North American hiatus brought a sold-out crowd to the large arena. This was a show I had anticipated since its announcement in 2022. Their AM album was my first vinyl record, and I drove my roommates wild in college when I played it nonstop for a year. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan, and the show exceeded expectations in every way.

When the lights came on, the stage was already covered in fog. It felt like having a cigarette on a dimly lit street at night. Alex Turner predictably entered the stage in a full suit, always looking as cool as ever. His voice sounds like it came straight off that record I bought in college. His style is vintage, and you can almost hear it in his voice. He wears the grungey essence of 2010s British rock with pride, and he should. With five platinum albums, some would consider him a king of the genre.

The Arctic Monkeys opened with “Sculptures of Anything Goes” and quickly rattled a list of eighteen songs. Small comments were made to the crowd between songs, but for the most part, it was a lightning round of their greatest hits across several albums. The vocals were strong and impressive, and Alex Turner’s showmanship is nothing to shake a stick at. The band ended with “Body Paint” before exiting the stage to the sounds of thousands shouting for an encore. After several minutes (almost too many), the band came back to the stage, and a giant disco ball dropped from the ceiling, igniting the entire arena in shimmering light. The disco ball was wrapped in neon text of the band’s name as it spun around and around. The band finished out the night with “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball,” “505,” and finally, fan-favorite “R U Mine?.”

The Arctic Monkeys’ North American tour continues into October. This show was everything I could have
wanted for my first time seeing them live. You never know when they’ll take another five-year break
from the States, so I suggest catching this one while you can! Hit the band’s website here.


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