Rolling like a freight train from the arid climes of Arizona, Detective Frog is poised to unleash a tidal wave of visceral desert rock on unsuspecting cities this autumn. With upcoming tour dates splattered across the neon enigma of Las Vegas to the mystic landscapes of Great Falls, Montana, this is not merely a tour. It’s a tempestuous odyssey under the banner of brash riffs and raw vocals.

Detective Frog WATA show flyer
Detective Frog WATA show flyer

The Dates: A Musical Pogrom
Here are the stops where you can catch the uncatchable, feel the ineffable, and, above all, get rocked into oblivion:

9/17 – Red Dwarf (Las Vegas)
9/18 – Huntridge Tavern (Las Vegas)
9/29 – Hogs & Heifers Saloon (Las Vegas)
10/12 – Red Dwarf (Las Vegas)
10/27 – Kellergeist (Great Falls, MT)
10/28 – Freakers Ball, location TBA (Great Falls, MT)

Detective Frog Hogs and Heifers show flyer
Detective Frog Hogs and Heifers show flyer

The Band: No Mere Mortals
Jacob Riddle – Vocals/Guitar
Ricky Business – Drums/Vocals
Bill Lizard – Bass

From darkly philosophical lyrics to earth-shattering instrumentation, Detective Frog’s ensemble is an alchemical trio transforming every stage into an altar of rock worship.

Their discography boasts iconic singles like “Pale Teeth” and “Mummy Dearest,” tracks that not only broke moulds but melted faces. And the recent release, “Phantom of the Community,” serves as a haunting prelude to more explosive work waiting in the wings.

Detective Frog Freaker's Ball show flyer
Detective Frog Freaker’s Ball show flyer