Tyler Childers brought his stomp-and-holler attitude to Boston’s Leader Bank Pavilion Saturday night. His “Send in the Hounds” tour has resulted in well-sought-after shows, with ticket resale being hundreds over face value throughout the U.S. The Kentucky native blew up on TikTok in the last couple of years and remains popular among both country and folk fans.

Margo Price opened up for Tyler with her band known as the Pricetags. She wore a beautiful shimmery frilled dress equipped with an acoustic guitar to start. She played several guitars throughout her set, a tambourine, and a cowbell. A perfect opener for Tyler, she fuses genres such as indie, folk, and country music. She was dynamic and playful, often joining up with her husband and guitarist, Jeremy Ivey, to jam out to instrumentals. I easily walked away a new fan.

Tyler Childers’s set was covered in long grass props, old wooden furniture, and taxidermy. I imagine it resembled a cabin deep out in the woods of Appalachia. Tyler is unique in that he is one of the few artists I’ve seen who changes his setlist for every show. For his first three songs, “Nose on the Grindstone,” “Lady May,” and “Follow You to Virgie,” Tyler sat on an antique wooden chair with an acoustic guitar and no band to back him up. It felt incredibly raw, and his impressive vocals rang throughout the pavilion. His band, known as the Foodstamps, came out for his fourth song, “Tattoos.” The Boston crowd shouted every word throughout the night. Mid-set, he played his new hit “In Your Love,” which has recently received backlash for its music video featuring a gay couple. Obviously, Tyler has ignored these comments, and Boston was ecstatic to hear the new song performed live. He ended the night on one of my favorites, “Whitehouse Road,” and left the stage with no encore.

This was the most excited I have been for a show all year. Tyler’s vocals are some of the best I’ve ever heard, and his show lived up to the hype. With different setlists and rotating openers, you’re bound to have a new and unique experience each show of this tour. The tour plays throughout the U.S. into September. If you like country or folk (or both), this is one you absolutely cannot miss.


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