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Steel Panther Stay Saucy at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma [Photos]

Steel Panther isn’t just a live band but an experience to behold! We caught their gig a Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Steel Panther on August 2, 2023, photo by Patrick Quiring

Steel Panther isn’t just a live band but an experience to behold! All I knew about them before I saw them last night in Tulsa was that they were a group that specializes in glam rock and plays a great homage to that era with their music and costumes. Well, it’s more than just that, it’s an entire show that plays off of the tropes from the ’80s, and it’s a hilarious event.

I will admit that you probably won’t like it if you get offended easily since a lot of their jokes revolve around themes from the ’80s like rockstars doing a ton of cocaine, and super over-the-top sexual themes. If you’re into that, then it’s going to be one of the best concerts you’ve ever seen, but if not, then you might want to look elsewhere.

They weren’t all jokes, though. They were amazing musicians with fantastic stage presence. You can check out one of their videos above that makes you feel like you’re back in the ’80s even though it was only released 9 years ago. As you can tell they definitely are very talented, and aren’t just all talk. Another great thing I loved about the night was the fans. You can definitely tell their fans are in on the joke, and I could see it from all of the people who look like they were plucked straight from the ’80s.

If all of that sounds fun then I definitely recommend checking them out next time they come to a town near you. Make sure you dress like your favorite ’80s rocker, and you will have a night you won’t forget!