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Soda Blonde Explore Automation Gone Wrong in “Bad Machine” Video Premiere

Irish band Soda Blonde explore automation gone wrong in the video premiere for “Bad Machine”, the lead single from new album ‘Dream Big’.



Soda Blonde

On September 8th, Irish friends Soda Blonde return with their second album, Dream Big. Described as “a mission statement from four lifelong friends”, the band recently shared the lead single, “Bad Machine” as a taster for the hotly-anticipated records.

In a world becoming increasingly more controlled by automation, the single explores the theme of automation “gone bad”.

Explaining the concept in more detail, guitarist Adam O’Regan said: “We can be slaves to our own impulses. This idea that ‘every part of me is a bad machine breaking everything all the time, every part of me has been wired to repeat, I’ve got a bad desire by design,’ it’s this idea of recognizing that this is just a part of who you are and going with that; but it’s a double-edged sword.

Sometimes taking a chance, being spontaneous and taking a risk – they’re not always the safest moves to make, but that propensity to dare is what makes us great. We wouldn’t exist without it.”

Following up the single, the band have explored the subject further in the video which you can check out here:

Guitarist Adam O’Regan said: “For this video we wanted to explore the idea of ‘malfunction’. In an age of increasing automation, artificial intelligence etc, it’s easy to imagine the many ways things could go awry. But also, we just wanted to break stuff! Our talented & hardworking production designers built the set in 2 days and we destroyed it in 10 mins of 16mm film.”

Soda Blonde have “Bad Machine” available to purchase from this location. You can also pre-order Dream Big from here.

Soda Blond "Bad Machine" Single Artwork

Soda Blond “Bad Machine” Single Artwork

Soda Blonde Tour Poster Artwork

Soda Blonde Tour Poster Artwork

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