MAL, an experimental rock band from Southern California, will release their newest album, Come To Light, on August 25th via Black Cast Music. The 20-song LP takes the listener on a sonic journey packed with a dynamic soundscape of rock, alternative, space rock, shoegaze and more. The album includes 15 all-new MAL tracks that were edited into 20 to include interludes and best tell their musical story. You can presave the album, available on all streaming platforms, HERE.

Mal shares their thoughts on Come To Light:

Come To Light is what our emotions sound like during a time of much confusion, madness, and distrust in the world– it’s ‘all over the place.’ As a band we have always played what we liked and typically float through multiple genres within Rock/Alternative. …and we certainly floated across genres a bit more on this one.”

Over the past decade, MAL has carefully evolved its sound with each album and single, keeping their relationship as musicians and close friends aligned with their passion for writing music that is authentic and memorable. The band can craft approachable rock tracks, yet they are equally capable of throwing their fans a curveball; with 14-minute, multi-genre singles paired with incredible visuals. MAL has shared the stage with Alien Ant Farm, VOLTO (Danny Carey of TOOL), Saul, Boy Hits Car, and Andrew W Boss.

MAL is more than comfortable in their own skin, steering clear from norms in rock music and being true to the influences that shaped their sound. The band fills a niche yet powerful space reserved for progressive, intelligent arrangements with a familiar rock energy, and the group shamelessly leans into those sounds that fans of progressive, space, shoegaze, grunge, and post-rock will appreciate. The trio, which includes Peter Hollywood (Bass), Kristopher Jung (Vocals/Guitar), and Brendan Reynolds (Drums), formed as a band in 2012.  There is a lot more coming from Mal; look out for their new album coming out on August 25th. Previous coverage can be found here.

MAL “Madness as Lift” single artwork
MAL “Madness as Lift” single artwork

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