Kyle T. Hurley has an exciting and laudable approach to songwriting; take inspiration from the past but sound entirely like yourself. He accomplishes that in full force throughout his new Spiritual Records album IV.

With a long history within the LA club scene, Hurley has developed his own modern take on a classic sound. Very much rooted within classic country blues, Hurley doesn’t quite over do it, making sure to include enough modern pop radio elements to excite fans of several generations.

Commenting on IV, Hurley tells us:

“This is my fourth album, but the first where I was able to listen to outside input. It’s a difficult journey to get to the point where you are able to listen to others about your music and incorporate good feedback into your writing and production. I was more open-minded to outside ideas in this album than ever before. I think that certainly shows compared to my other releases.”

IV is undoubtedly Hurley’s most polished and well fleshed out recording to date. Spiritual was instrumental in helping him finetuning his sound, and bringing it to a new place. They own a venue in London’s Camden Town where Hurley relocated to to record. It offered him the opportunity to perform every night and flesh out that new material in front of active ears each night. Spiritual’s in-house producer Jack Trouble was present for many of those performances. He got to hear how the songs were taking shape, so he was able to help guide Hurley to where he wanted to go.

This writing and recording style enabled Hurley to explore different stylistic sounds and ideas. He is naturally speaking an artist who has tried to distance himself from the obvious direction when writing songs. Thematically, many of the songs explore the night life of Europe as an artist. One example is “Kandy Land,” which explores the Kiev nightlife, before the war. It was a time when there was actually an opportunity for a vibrant culture to exist. This open-minded approach has paid dividends for Kyle T. Hurley, as he navigates into the prime of his songwriting and artistic career.

Kyle T. Hurley ‘IV’ album artwork
Kyle T. Hurley ‘IV’ album artwork