Graham Stairs is releasing The World According To Popguru: Single-Minded a collection of early singles released by Popguru Sound & Vision between 1998 and 2005, including songs by Red Autumn Fall, Hush Hush, Stirling, Hennessey, Beautiful 2000, and The Blue Raincoats. This compilation is now available on all streaming platforms for your ears to enjoy.

Graham Stairs founded Popguru Sound & Vision in 1998, which is now a fully integrated music company involved in artist and producer management, music publishing, sync licensing and its two record labels: The Confidence Emperors and Popguru.

Stairs comments on his years of experience:

“I have experienced a lot of highs and a lot of lows over 25 years, but working with the Popguru creative community has made it all worthwhile and I’m looking forward to hearing the next great new song that gets me excited,”

The compilation release includes restored music videos, never-before-released tracks, and new video footage. There will also be a 25th-anniversary live celebration in the fall that will include current artists such as Odario, The Wilderness of Manitoba, John Orpheus, Sam Casey, Alex Exists, and more.

Various Artists ‘The World According To Popguru: Single-Minded’ album artwork
Various Artists ‘The World According To Popguru: Single-Minded’ album artwork

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