Over these last few years, Colin Crichton, aka CANGURU, has learned a lot about “letting go,” and he wants to share those experiences with his fans and listeners. Today, he drops his brand new single “Let Go,” a song about learning, self-improvement, and essentially, giving yourself a break.

It’s not worth dwelling on the past and beating ourselves up over everything we deem to be a mistake or an opportunity gone by. As a longtime music scene veteran, producer, singer, rapper, and session player saxophonist, Crichton has learned how to reset, recalibrate, and move forward without regret.

Commenting on “Let Go,” Crichton states:

“This song is about accepting to let go of the past and move on forwards with someone that is close to your heart by learning from our mistakes.”

Crichton has had many experiences, both good and bad, within the music industry, but all along, he has gotten by with a proactive, DIY approach. His style is unique and original, an ’80s new wave sound with rave-like energy, but he has never tried to align himself with just one musical approach.

During the pandemic, he wrote a Conscious Hip Hop album, a collection of personal tracks that he wrote while trying to work his way through a bout with alcoholism. He has now made it over one year sober, and now Crichton wants to use his momentum and experiences to act as a motivator for others who are looking to get their lives back on track. This is music meant to be a source of motivation and positivity, a way to party without needing the bar close by!

Emboldened by his own success, Crichton is determined to release new singles each month for the rest of this year, and then he will top it all off with a brand new record in 2024.

CANGURU “Let Go” single artwork
CANGURU “Let Go” single artwork